Each year during our ride we honor specific individuals who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to others. Dedicated members of our Mission2Alpha team pull flags (full sized, 3’ x 5’ flags) to honor the various branches of the military, as well as the American flag.

During John Metzger’s first year, the ride took place just months following the death of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots, and our ride that year took us right up Yarnell Hill, just a short distance from where the tragedy occurred. John pulled a flag with the GHS logo, for the duration of the 4-day ride. It was an emotional ride up that mountain for sure! Their team stopped at the top and paid tribute to those who perished, by spending some time at the temporary memorial.

Recognized for his work on the Veterans Telemedicine Program, Captain Kyle Brayer was inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame – a recognition of how he honored both his firefighter and military careers. He was genuinely dedicated to helping the community on all levels.

Prior to Kyle serving members of his community through his profession as a firefighter, he served his country as a United States Marine. Kyle was a true servant – giving back to his country, his local community, and to the veteran community.

Kyle was responsible for the development of a program within the Tempe Fire Department that focused on providing services for veterans who reside within the city of Tempe, Arizona. Kyle was also instrumental in the development of health and wellness programs within the fire department, designed to improve the physical performance of his fellow firefighters, while simultaneously creating resiliency among the workforce.

A Hero Remembered
Kyle was also an avid adventurer. Whenever possible, he traveled the globe experiencing new cultures, and often participating in humanitarian efforts while visiting these foreign lands.
Early in the morning of 4 February 2018, Kyle was shot and killed in Scottsdale, Arizona while out with friends. This senseless act of violence resulted in the loss of a true American hero, who is terribly missed by his friends, fire department and family members. Our team at Mission2Alpha has chosen to honor Fire Captain Kyle Brayer for his heroism and his continuous acts of kindness and service to others.