If you followed our posts last Memorial Day, then you will know our founder and chairman, John Greenway joined the 22Jumps team to do a base jump off of the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho!  Well, we had another volunteer this year and we traveled all the way to Twin Falls to once again join the great folks at 22Jumps and Cohen Veterans Bioscience as we raised finds and awareness to reduce veteran suicide.

This year our friend and team-mate David Shaffer geared up and did a base jump from the Perrine Bridge and successfully landed after going through all the pre-jump anxiety!!!  In his words, “if our heroes can go throughout the world and risk their lives to provide freedom, then I think I can do this jump.”

Dave’s jumps once again raised funds for a cause that has had a severe impact on our veteran community and there is no doubt these resources will go to create miracles and changes lives!

Thank you David, 22Jumps, and Cohen Veteran’s Bioscience for your commitment to our military heroes.  Thank you also to all those great Americans who supported this years “Parachuting for Purpose” Campaign.  We couldn’t do it without you!

M2A Team Member
David Schaffer